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Oil Furnace Tips
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Some DO's and DON'Ts TIPS!


  • Try to avoid running out of oil !!! It can be very costly!!! Older oil tanks have impurities and sediment on the bottom of the tank. When you run low on oil, the furnace pump begins to pull in the impurities and sediment which will clog up the furnace oil burner jets and can cause a very costly furnace repair bill.
  • If you are low on fuel and you are afraid you are going to run out, shut your furnace off and call us. By filling your tank with some fuel, it will help prevent those costly repairs.

  • If your oil tank is near empty, or out of oil when you receive your oil delivery, be sure to leave the furnace off for a half hour to an hour to allow the impurities and sediment that have been stirred up to settle down.

  • Please remember to call ahead of time, we typically need 24 hours to get out to deliver.